Building Surveying FAQs

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Your contractor could recommend building surveying services if you intend to build a commercial or residential property. However, most property owners and developers forego this process since they do not comprehend its benefits. Below are some FAQs to help you understand the building surveying process.

What Is Building Surveying? 

Building surveying is a protocol that aims to enforce construction laws. Typically, local councils set various regulations determining how developers should build structures. For instance, zoning determines the type of building you can put up. On the other hand, the building code details the standards contractors should observe when building foundations, slabs, and frames. For instance, the code could compel developers to reinforce foundations to prevent flood damage. It could also prescribe fireproof cladding to protect buildings from wildfires. 

However, how does the council ensure developers follow these standards? As a best practice, property owners must seek permits before commencing construction works. Ideally, the council examines construction plans and blueprints to determine whether the proposed building meets the required standards. If not, the developer makes alterations to make the building compliant with the set regulations. The developer then hires a building surveyor to inspect construction work. Surveyors are independent parties whose primary role is to enforce compliance with the building code. Therefore, they can stop construction work if the contractor does not follow the approved blueprints. The building surveyor also accredits the building with certificates after every inspection. Developers and owners can use these certificates to prove the building meets the required standards. 

When Do You Need Building Surveying Services? 

You need building surveying services when erecting new structures. As a rule, you should ensure the building surveyor is part of the design team. This way, they offer insights to ensure the proposed plans comply with the code. You could also hire a building surveyor to inspect an existing structure. For example, when buying a property, you could be in a dilemma of whether it complies with the code and local construction regulations. Remember, you risk legal suits if the construction work flouts these standards. Moreover, the building would need expensive renovations to make it safe to occupy. A building surveyor's report gives you critical insights that guide you as you purchase the property. 

How Do You Find A Building Surveyor? 

Finding a building surveyor is not a challenging task. Most local councils employ surveyors and accredit professionals who opt to work in private practice. The general rule is to ensure your preferred surveyor is certified to inspect the building class you intend to put up. Moreover, they should have reasonable conditions and pricing. 

Reach out to local building surveyors to learn more.


23 February 2023

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