3 Fundamental Principles of Successful Civil Works Construction Projects

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Almost everywhere you go, civil works are the order of the day. You won't miss coming across different residential and commercial construction projects in your neighbourhood. Most public infrastructure construction projects significantly affect local communities and the overall economy. For this reason, effective planning and execution are critical for your civil construction project. Here are three principles to achieving success in your upcoming civil works project;

Conducting Proper Surveys 

Performing thorough surveys helps determine whether a civil constriction project is feasible and its overall impact. Civil works engineers conduct site evaluations to find potential limitations and obstacles regarding the project's viability. When building extensive structures like bridges, civil works engineers must identify a practical approach to diverting water flow to facilitate successful bridge installation. On the other hand, civil works engineers must find the ideal methods of handling various terrains and soil types during road construction. 

The survey might also involve assessing the project's impact on local communities. Does it meet the community's demands? Interviewing residents helps pinpoint the effects of specific civil construction projects on the livelihood of the local communities. Additionally, environmental impact analysis aids in determining your project's impact on flora and fauna. For instance, if a civil works project involves building a highway across a wildlife conservancy, you might need quiet construction techniques with minimal pollution impact.

Selecting Reputable Civil Works Contractors

Finding a reputable civil work contractor takes a lot of vetting to determine the one with the suitable equipment, expertise and resources to accomplish a construction project. Often vetting your prospective candidates begins with a prequalification stage. During this phase, assess the contractors' portfolios and evaluate the success of their past projects.

Furthermore, scrutinise the contractor's financial statements, skills and other vital construction machines for your project. Doing so helps eliminate unqualified candidates, leaving you with a few prequalified contractors. A common myth is that the awarding of civil works contracts is only reserved for prequalified contractors with the lowest bid. However, an evaluation panel helps measure the quality of services offered against a contractor's bid. In short, only contractors providing high-quality services and reasonable pricing win the contract. 

Effective Project Management 

A professional civil works panel is often responsible for drafting the activity timetable that monitors how the construction project unfolds. The schedule serves typically as a point of reference when assessing your project's progress. 

Since quality assessments are critical in civil construction projects, it's imperative to have civil works engineers cross-examine completed project stages and those in progress. If any fails to meet the industry standards, the civil engineers might issue an enforcement notice that compels the contractor to make appropriate amendments.


19 July 2022

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