Why Thorough Preparation Is So Important before a Major Excavation

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If you're thinking about building a multi-story structure in an already quite congested area, you need to take some special precautions. This will be even more important when you are preparing the foundations and making sure that you focus on safety as well as proper construction. What are some of the important measures to consider when preparing the ground for future earthwork?

Neighbouring Protection

Developers in this position may need to work with as small a footprint as possible to cause the least disruption to neighbouring properties. In a very congested area where large buildings overlook the worksite, they may need to build additional walls around the perimeter before excavation begins. This will ensure that the ground beneath those adjourning properties is not disturbed and is in no danger of foundational damage or worse.

Heavy Machinery

Additionally, other strengthening measures may need to be added to cope with heavy-duty machinery and excavators. These machines can cause vibration and potential damage to neighbouring structures, so their movement will need to be carefully defined and additional barricades will need to be put in place as needed.

Hazard Preparation

If the excavation needs to be deep and narrow, there are additional hazards to think about. Is the area well-drained, or is there a likelihood of flooding during a particularly heavy rainstorm? As these weather conditions can arrive with little warning, workers will need to be protected. While the sides of the excavation will need to be strengthened to avoid landslides, workers will need special escape ladders and other equipment that can be effectively used at a moment's notice.

Moisture Removal

When work takes place during the rainy season, ongoing measures will have to be introduced to get rid of accumulating rainwater. This will involve the use of a dewatering pump or several similar solutions based on the predicted threat.

Initial Analysis and Investigation

In addition to all of this work, contractors must carefully prepare before any digging begins. They may need to conduct testing and introduce boreholes to determine the nature and composition of the soil beneath. They will also need to check for the presence of underground utility lines, which can sometimes pop up in unexpected places.

The Shrewd Approach

As you can see, there's a tremendous amount of detailed work involved before digging may commence. Therefore, it's important to work with experienced contractors who can analyse and prepare ahead of time. They can also help you to budget, taking into account all of these parameters.


12 January 2022

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