How A Retaining Wall Can Change Your Whole Garden

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While most suburban homes across Australia's many big cities come with a garden, generally the conditions of these gardens aren't always the most ideal. After all, the main focus of the plot of land is the house itself, and creating a perfect garden is secondary. Often the garden is not as well graded as the house and will have quite a bit of a slope to it, or it will just be generally disorganised. If you want to change that and give a bit of order to the chaos that is your backyard, then you should consider talking to a retaining wall contractor.

Level Playing Field

If you are trying to create a space where your children can run around and play with each other or your pets, then you likely want it to be as flat as possible. Retaining walls help you by creating two (or more) distinct areas where the elevation of the ground will be very level, rather than the gradual or steep hills that you have right now. You may need to add in some more dirt, or perhaps take some out, but the main factor to this levelling of your garden without a major overhaul is through the use of a retaining wall.

Help You Plan Your Garden Better

Perhaps you want an area that is mostly dominated by native plants and wildlife to create a more natural environment around your home, but you still need a useful bit of space to socialise outdoors. Putting in retaining walls can help separate the useable space of your garden — where you can put in a barbeque, a trampoline, some outdoor dining facilities and so on — from the flora you have planted around the edges of your property. This way you get the best of both worlds and have a much more neat looking backyard.

Allows For Other Structures To Be Built

Once you have a level area that is created through your retaining wall, you can begin to think about some outdoor structures that were previously impossible to plan on a sloped surface. For instance, a pool or spa now becomes a legitimate possibility. Maybe if you are more work-minded, you might want to put in a shed. The foundations of all these buildings can now be safely poured without the fear of them cracking or breaking apart due to an odd incline. If you think you will pursue one of these options in the future, a retaining wall can be a good first step. 


12 November 2021

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