Do You Need to Oversee a New Fitout?

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When you first take possession of your retail or office premises, it may be the right size and shape for your needs, but it is unlikely to be perfect. Arranging for a full fit-out of the premises is the best way to ensure that not only will be building be ideally suited to the way that you want to use it, but it will increase confidence in your brand by encouraging your customers or clients to buy from you. The difficulty for a busy executive is that the fit-out will be only one of the many responsibilities which they must take on.  If you have been tasked with a fit-out, you will still have to manage many other aspects of your business, and juggling so many roles can hinder you from giving the fit-out the attention it needs.

Arranging for fit-out project management

Arranging for a professional fit-out of your premises could mean working with builders, carpenters, designers, and furniture suppliers. Liaising with each of these groups can be time-consuming and often complicated. By bringing in a professional fit-out project management company, you can have confidence that every aspect of your fit-out will be completed perfectly, and that it will be finished on time and within the budget. By trusting the fit-out project management company to take on the day-to-day responsibility of the project, you will be enabled to complete all of your existing work unhindered, while knowing that the project is still proceeding on schedule.

Working with the fit-out project management team

While the fit-out project management team will be capable of overseeing and managing every aspect of the fit-out, it is important to remember that it is still your fit-out, and the finished design must represent your business and serve your needs. During the planning stages, you must sit down with the fit-out project management team and thoroughly discuss every aspect of the fit-out. The discussions must cover not just the general outlines of the project, but specifics such as the materials that you want to be used, the colour and position of each of the fittings, and how you expect visitors to interact with the building and your staff. The fit-out project management team should use these discussions to draw up a detailed plan of action to drive the project forward. You must select a fit-out project management team that you can trust to communicate with you at every stage of the process.


2 March 2021

Extending the patio

When we moved into the house we had a really cute patio, but it was so small that if more than two people wanted to share a meal or sit together there wasn't room. That's why I have been extending the patio and working on ways to make it more hospitable for the whole family to spend time out there, such as getting the music system to connect to some speakers in the structure. This blog has some tips for homeowners who are looking to attempt a patio renovation or extension and has some tips on which jobs to DIY and when to call in the professionals.