Commercial Refrigeration Repair: How to Know It Is Time To Hire an Expert to Repair Your Business's Refrigeration Equipment

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If your business relies on commercial refrigerators and freezers, a slight breakdown can be regrettable. When your refrigeration system fails, you are at risk of incurring losses due to spoilage of perishable items. For that reason, you must routinely service the units to ensure optimal performance. More importantly, you need to repair issues as soon as they emerge to avoid surprise failures. That means you have to pay attention to the system's operations and look out for early warning signs. When you notice signs of damage, contact a commercial refrigeration repair expert to have the issue fixed immediately. Here are three signs that point to a need for commercial fridge repair:

If The Fridge Fails To Cool Appropriately 

To avoid food spoilage, you need to monitor the temperatures inside your refrigeration system. Doing so involves daily or weekly measurement of the temperatures with a fridge thermometer. If you observe an increase in temperature, there could be an underlying problem. One of the causes for temperature deviation is a faulty sealing, leading to leakage of cool air. It could also occur due to an overheated motor. Failing to rectify the problem can lead to loss of stocks and health concerns among your customers. To avoid this, you should seek the help of a refrigeration repair expert immediately. 

If You Notice Increased Energy Costs

Skyrocketed electrical bills can be a sign that all is not well with your commercial refrigeration system. Malfunctioning components tend to work harder than usual and consume more energy. Increased energy expenses mean reduced profits for your business. So, if you suspect that your refrigerators are to blame for the spiking bills, schedule for instant repair and maintenance. 

If There Are Pools of Water Under the Fridge

Pooling water at the bottom of your refrigerator is not a good sign. One of the reasons for water puddles is a refrigerant leak. Furthermore, clogging of the pipes that direct water into the drain might cause leaks underneath the fridge. In such a situation, the best step to take is to call commercial refrigeration repair contractors. They will diagnose the issue and fix the broken parts. 

Unchecked damages in your commercial refrigerator can lead to detrimental effects. For that reason, you should tackle an issue as soon as you take note of it by contacting a reputable and licensed commercial refrigeration repair expert. Commercial refrigeration repair contractors will also advise you on the best spare parts to invest in to enhance the efficiency of your refrigeration equipment.


13 January 2021

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