Three Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting a Bituminous Spray Seal for Your Road

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Asphalt is one of the best materials used to pave driveways, access roads and even highways. When you install it correctly, it can serve you for many years, and it will not be made impassable by rain or excessive dryness as is the case with dirt roads. However, asphalt roads do need proper maintenance from time to time. When maintenance is neglected, your road ends up with portholes and reels and might end up falling apart altogether, creating further repair expenses for you. Bituminous spray is a thin layer of binder sprayed all over a pavement. It is often sprayed together with an incorporated aggregate, and together, the combination forms a pavement that is impervious to water. Here are three reasons to get a bituminous spray seal for your pavement.

Increase the Durability of Your Pavement

Poorly installed pavements always end up wearing out sooner than they should. This is because as heavy traffic passes over the road and natural weather conditions such as rain and ice interact with the surface, it weakens. The weakened surface starts disintegrating, forcing you to create repair patches. Instead of doing this repair work every six months, consider getting a full spray seal.

Increase Your Pavement Traffic Capability

The other benefit which comes from spray sealing the road is that you increase its usability. Seals come in varying types and capabilities. Your responsibility is getting one that increases the road-bearing capacity of the road. A properly spray sealed road will not wear out when heavy-duty vehicles use it regularly. You can even request the person doing the sealing to apply three layers to pavements which are likely to receive extremely heavy traffic.

Refurbished an Old Pavement

An old pavement sometimes becomes an eyesore in the neighbourhood. This can be worse if the road also has portholes and is chipped on the sides. Before you spray-seal a road, make sure that the contractor has repaired these weaknesses. When the road is sprayed again, it gets a new life, and blends in with the beauty of the rest of the neighbourhood.

The benefits of spray-sealing a road are countless. What you need to do is make sure that you have professionals helping you with the process. The cost of the sealing process will be totally worth the durability, beauty and life that your pavement will get afterwards. Take time and choose a reliable spray-sealing contractor for the best results. 

For more information about bitumen spray sealing, reach out to a professional. 


26 May 2020

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