Are you buying the right timber products?

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When you are working with wood, choosing the right timber products is always going to be essential to the successful completion of your project. There are many timber products available, and if you choose the wrong one then your new construction could quickly fail. You might find that something you designed for use outdoors rots away far sooner than you expected, or something far worse could happen. If you choose the wrong timber products for a building project that requires structural timber, then you may find yourself with a home that is unsafe to use until major work is completed.

Where will your timber be used?

With any building project involving timber, one of the most basic questions that needs to be asked is "where will the finished product be used?" Understanding the intended use will help you to determine the right timber for your purposes. If you are planning to make something to be used outside, then a hardwood is possibly the right choice. Alternatively, you could employ a properly treated softwood. Your timber merchant will be able to suggest a good choice of timber. Other environmental factors which you will want to bear in mind include the amount of dampness or rain to which the timber is likely to be exposed and whether it will have to withstand extended periods in the sun. Iroko, Idigbo, and European oak are good examples of timber products with a strong resistance to rot.

How much stress?

If you are selecting structural timber products such as house frames, joists or studs, then it is vital that you pick timber that is able to withstand the expected load. Your timber merchant will be able to talk to you about the stress grading of different timbers and to direct you to the timber products which are best suited to your purposes.

How can you work it?

Whatever timber products you purchase, it is vital that you are able to successfully shape them and create your desired end product. While all timbers can be worked, some are much easier to work with than others. American white oak and similar timbers are ideal for woodworking since they can be cut and sanded with ease. Some other types of timber will be much harder to work with, so think carefully about how much work you will need to do to your timber products and whether you have the tools and the patience to work with a particular type of timber.


10 January 2020

Extending the patio

When we moved into the house we had a really cute patio, but it was so small that if more than two people wanted to share a meal or sit together there wasn't room. That's why I have been extending the patio and working on ways to make it more hospitable for the whole family to spend time out there, such as getting the music system to connect to some speakers in the structure. This blog has some tips for homeowners who are looking to attempt a patio renovation or extension and has some tips on which jobs to DIY and when to call in the professionals.