Reverse-Cycle Heating and Cooling systems

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Are you wondering what the term 'reverse-cycle heating and cooling' means? Well, think of it as air conditioning that works both ways. Over the years, air conditioners only worked as either heating or cooling systems. But with technology advancement, you can now get yourself an air conditioner that generates heat and cools the air depending on your preference. This is especially useful for people living in places that get hot during the day and extremely cold over the night. Here's a look at some of the things you need to know about reverse-cycle heating and cooling systems.

How do they work?

As mentioned above, since the reverse-cycle air conditioners have both heating and cooling functions, reversing the current mode switches to the other. For instance, when the refrigeration mode is reversed, it produces heat instead.  You can think of it as a two-in-one system. Reverse-cycle air conditioners have an additional function that filters the air, thus making your house healthy and clean.

How will you benefit from using a reverse-cycle heating and cooling system?

They are environmentally friendly. Reverse-cycle heating and cooling air systems only produce one-third of the greenhouse gas emissions compared to other electric heaters. Most of these models use the new-generation (R32) refrigerant, which plays a part in reducing global warming. 

Reverse-cycle systems are multi-purpose. How would it feel if you had an air conditioning system that heated and cooled the air with just a touch of a button? It feels awesome right? It also means that you will not need to spend more money on buying both an air conditioning system and a heating system for your home. Reverse-cycle air conditioning systems have a super-efficient system that switches from cooling to heating and vice versa in just a matter of seconds.

They purify the air. Having a perfect atmosphere and having air that is healthy are two different things. Traditional air conditioners only heat or cool the air in your house. But did you know that reverse-cycle air conditioners can also help purify the air? They come with a filter that traps fine dust and particles, thus keeping your family healthier.

They are efficient. When compared to traditional heating and cooling systems, the technology used in reverse-cycle air conditioners makes them more efficient in every possible way. They cool and heat faster, use less energy and are more durable.

To learn more about your options, contact an air conditioning company in your area.


12 December 2019

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