Ideas For Maximising Storage For Your New Kitchen

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When undergoing kitchen renovations, one of the most critical elements is storage. To get the best result, don't just consider the overall number of cupboardsā€”instead, think about how accessible and easy to use they are. Here are some ideas for maximising the storage potential of your space.

Pull-Out Shelves

Standard cabinets don't make the best use of space. Items in the back can be challenging to find, and you have to bend over while rummaging around trying to locate things. Because pull-out shelves extend outwards, you can see the entire contents at a glance, and everything is within easy reach. L-shape drawers are ideal for corners that are notoriously inaccessible and inconvenient. Deep drawers can store large items such as pots, pans and trays.

Drawer Inserts

You might be familiar with inserts for cutlery drawers that organise and separate utensils. This concept can extend to a range of other crockery and cooking items. For instance, moulded drawer inserts can hold mugs, spices and small jars. You can customise the inserts to suit how you use the kitchen. Place an insert in one half of the drawer, and leave the other half open for a range of items, or place two differently moulded inserts into the one drawer. With everything in its own pocket, the space doesn't become jumbled and difficult to access. Mount baskets onto the inside of the cabinet doors to hold jars, clingwrap and foil.

Open Shelving

Another way to personalise and increase storage is to install open shelves. Fill them with whatever you please: mugs, decorative plates, spices or other items. Build the shelves from timber, metal or glass to make a style statement that enhances the overall design.

Custom Cupboards

Construct custom cabinets to house items such as a microwave and elements such as toasters and blenders. Planning your storage will pay off with clear, spacious countertops that are free of clutter. Don't forget to install a cupboard to hold the rubbish bin so it doesn't create an eyesore in the kitchen.

Kitchen Islands

Adding a kitchen island is the perfect way to increase the storage capacity of your kitchen. You can select from different size islands to balance your storage and space needs. Just make sure to leave enough surrounding area for foot traffic and flow. You can install a wine rack or add cupboards to store mugs and plates within the island. To make setting a dinner table easy, place cutlery and everything you need in one pull-out drawer to make the process quick and easy.


17 October 2019

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