Two Trends To Consider When Shopfitting Your Business' Offices

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Working at the same commercial premises may bring about the sense of familiarity, but if the interiors are drab, it is only a matter of time before your productivity and your employees' productivity starts to wane. Unexciting interiors not only keep your staff uninspired, but any client coming to the premises will also develop a negative impression of your business and you could potentially lose customers. However, this does not mean that you should move to another building. An office fit-out will go a long way in upgrading the appearance and functionality of the space, but to ensure you are heading in the right direction, you should have some ideas to inspire the design of the fit-out. Below are just two trends to consider when shopfitting your business' offices.

Bioliphic design strategy

One of the foremost trends that will be highly beneficial to your office is opting for a biophilic design strategy for the premises. While this may sound complicated, it simply means integrating elements of nature to your fit-out. However, this does not mean simply buying a few potted plants and pacing them throughout the office. Instead, this type of design prioritises accessibility to the outdoors, even without having an indoor-outdoor office space. So what are some of the things that you can include to propagate this trend? First, consider a calming water feature placed centrally in the office, as this will bring about a sense of calm to all the employees. Another element you can consider is having a live focal wall, which simply means placing climbing plants on one side of the office. You could consider creating accessibility to natural air and sunshine, which can be done with strategically placed large windows. Your fit-out project manager can provide you with additional ways to create a biophilic design strategy.

Standing workspaces

Chairs are the most common pieces of furniture in any office no matter what your business is. But there has been a gradual trend of working while standing rather than sitting. Most people are aware of the negative effects that sitting all day can have on their overall health. So if you a relooking to bolster the productivity of your employees while simultaneously improving their health, you should consider integrating standing workspaces into your fit-out. There is a myriad of sit-stand workstations that you could choose for your office fit-out, depending on the type of work that your employees do. While this innovation may sound absurd to some people, these new-age workstations can go a long way in preventing obesity, back pain, and other health issues. Moreover, you do not have to force your staff to stand all day, but they do get the chance to stretch and work upright without having to leave their desk.

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23 August 2019

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