How an Epoxy Coating Can Transform Your Garage

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If you have a two-car garage attached to your home, then you may have a great place to store both of your cars so that they are protected from the harsh Australian environment. If there's plenty of room for both of these vehicles and quite a bit of space left over along the walls and at the back, you could utilise this space for something more practical, especially if you're running out of room inside the home. You may think that your garage is out of reach in this situation because it is, after all, a dusty and rather dirty environment. But you can take steps to fix that issue and once you've done so, can then take full advantage of the room. What steps should you take?

Dealing with Concrete

Your garage will typically be built on top of a concrete slab, and this is perfectly fine when it comes to parking your cars. However, this surface will be unsealed and will generate a lot of dust due to general wear and tear and its inherent design. If you apply an epoxy treatment to the floor, then you can make it suitable for all your storage requirements. What are the benefits of epoxy flooring?

Sealed Surface

Concrete can easily crack or chip and, given time, will soon be full of imperfections. It's absorbent as well which means that drops of oil, chemicals and other substances will find their way out of your car and become ingrained in the floor beneath.


Epoxy is also moisture-resistant which means that any excess moisture can easily be mopped up. When you drive home after a particularly rainy day, you know how big of a mess this can create. However, your epoxy coating can repel any water and make cleanup quite easy.

Safe and Welcome

You may want to add some texture to make the floor less slippery once you have applied the coating. If so, plan to add a slip-resistant aggregate which will provide the amount of friction that you're looking for. Further, you can choose an epoxy coating that has a high-gloss option and a pleasing colour. This will make the room a lot brighter by reflecting both natural and artificial light. It'll be a much more welcoming place in the future, once you have finished your treatment.


Have a word with your contractor and schedule a garage upgrade with epoxy flooring. Once you've done so, you will be able to move a lot of your "junk" out of the home and into a much more stable environment.


2 July 2019

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