What to Know About Mining Engineering and Water Issues on Your Site

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If you are a contractor that has hired mining engineering technicians for your project, one aspect that can be an issue is water. Water is necessary for several aspects of the mining process. The issue comes in with an area that has various water issues when the project begins. Here are some key points to know about the water issues you could face and how your mining team can be affected, what steps to take and how to overcome the issues.

Cultural Issues

The first issues you can have with water on a site are cultural. The cultural issues may mean that the lake or river is spiritual to the area people and should not be disturbed. In most cases, this can be worked around. In other cases, the cultural issues could mean that mining the area would disturb underground rivers and lakes that are also culturally or spiritually connected to the area people. This means that your mining team needs to know exactly where to drill, where to mine and the topography of the area as to avoid any of the cultural waterways that could become a boundary issue.

Underground Water Sources

In some cases, you may have a construction site that has water underground. This could be a spattering of small ponds or it could be a lake or river. The water issue this creates is a possibility of making the construction site unstable if drilling and mining are done too close to the water sources. As the mining equipment begins to work the area, it can cause tremors in the ground.

These tremors can cause the natural barriers around the water to give way which can cause flooding. The flooding will lead to a lack of durability and integrity in the land. For this reason, your mining team should do testing prior to the actual drilling. This testing should be done to ensure the integrity of the underground area and that flooding does not occur during the mining or construction process.

Mineral Deposits and Access

One of the leading issues that many mining engineers face is the accessing mineral deposits that are near water sources. This is especially true if the water source is a large one and can flood the area. If a flood occurs, it can block off the mineral and stop access to the area. If the purpose of your construction is to access and extract the minerals in the area through mining, this could be a serious issue. The engineers can use tools to determine the best methods of reaching the minerals without disturbing the water source.

When you are ready to discuss the water issues on your particular work site with your mining engineering team, schedule a consultation. This will allow you time to go over each issue. You can also discuss options, workarounds and the best way to move forward on the project. You can also discuss possible deadlines during these consultations and any special equipment that will be necessary.


2 May 2019

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