How to Protect Yourself Before You Begin Any Underwater Work

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Do you have some construction work to do within a waterway that is adjacent to your commercial property? Perhaps you need to construct a dock facility of some kind so that you can bring in materials more efficiently or load up finished products for onward distribution. Either way, this is going to require quite a lot of detailed work underwater in order to lay the foundations. As part of this preparation, you will need to look at the bigger picture so that you do not cause unnecessary damage or issues in other areas, so what type of protection do you need to introduce before you begin any work in earnest?

Full Containment

Obviously, work in this type of environment is going to be very different from that of similar projects on dry land. You will need to take great care so that you don't disturb the surrounding environment, especially if you're situated in an area that is quite sensitive. Experts will tell you that you should introduce silt curtains around the periphery of your construction site, as this will help you to avoid pollution and keep turbidity within safe levels.

Curtains in Action

This type of curtain floats in the waterway and helps to keep the water clear and free from a mass of suspended particles. They are often used during dredging work with great efficiency, and if they are good in this type of environment, then they are going to be particularly effective for you.

Containing Contamination

Whenever you perform major work underwater, there is always the danger of contamination and the risk of an oil spill. These curtains can be combined with containment booms if necessary, so you can take all necessary precautions 'just in case'.

See What You're Doing

It's also a good idea to keep the water as clean as possible by controlling turbidity, so you can observe progress and make sure that you are proceeding according to plan.

You Can't Afford to Ignore These Protections

You must take steps to protect ecologically sensitive habitats as well, as you can be sure that regulators will be watching your every step and you cannot afford to make any mistakes here. As you may know, environmental protection is a buzzword these days and local governments are quick to fine any organisations that do not comply. If you want to avoid the potential for legal action and bad press in your community, always ensure that you get the right protections in place before you go ahead.

Taking Action

Talk with marine contractors like The Jetty Specialist to ensure that you install a quality silt curtain as part of your project preparation.


2 November 2018

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