Key Considerations When Installing A Cool Room

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Retail refrigeration is important if you run a supermarket, a restaurant or a flower shop where the freshness of your perishables items is important. This is why cool rooms are essential for such applications. However, cool rooms are a costly investment and that's why careful consideration of some key issues is essential when thinking of installing one. Besides the costs associated with the installation of cool rooms, it's imperative to understand that they run on electricity. Therefore, energy efficiency apart from cost efficiency should be among your concerns when installing a cool room. This is a guide on some of the key elements to consider before installing a cool room.

Think About the Type of Cool Room You Need

Cool rooms are simply walk-in refrigerated areas, and they come in two major options: modular systems and built-in systems. Modular systems are sometimes referred to as stand-alone systems. As the name implies, stand-alone or modular systems comprise of prefabricated panels. That is, you can buy them preassembled or have the panels assembled on-site. The advantage that modular systems have over their built-in counterparts is that installation is often quicker and easier, which means it will also be cheaper.

If you have enough space or wish to convert one of the rooms or areas in your commercial space into a cool room, go for the built-in systems. Built-in systems also give you a better opportunity to add a range of custom features. That's because unlike their stand-alone counterparts, they do not have limited size or design options.

Consider the Type of Items You Intend to Store

Cool rooms will provide the ideal temperature for your perishable items, such as flowers, and food items like fruits, vegetables and ice cream. Knowing what you need to store will help you determine the right cool room to install. For instance, if you are storing food items such as vegetables and fruits, your choice will in most cases be dictated by the local codes. There are three options when it comes to cool room temperatures, including high temperature, medium or moderate temperature, and low-temperature cool rooms. For items such as ice cream and other foodstuffs that have to be kept frozen solid, low-temperature cool rooms are the ideal solution. For your vegetables and fruits, you can go for high-temperature cool rooms. The goal is to identify what you want to store first and let a contractor help you select the right temperature cool room. For more information, contact a company in your area that specializes in refrigeration repair and cool room construction.


26 September 2018

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