DIY vs. Professional House Window Tint Installation


Are you looking to make a few simple yet highly rewarding improvements to your house? If so, you should consider installing window tinting films on your house windows. Home window tinting installation is typically performed to add privacy, improve the exterior appearance of a house or make home interiors more comfortable especially on hot sunny days. In addition to these benefits, installing window tinting can provide protection from the sun's ultraviolet radiation, which can be harmful to human health but also cause fading of a house's interior furnishings.

Traditional house window tinting is designed to make the windows look dark and fantastic. These days, however, clear window tinting is available, meaning homeowners can get the benefits of traditional window tint but without having to create a window-darkening effect.

Before adding window tinting on your house, you will need to decide whether to install the window tint yourself or hire a professional window tint installer. Here is what you need to know to make an informed decision on how to execute your project.

DIY window tinting

Adding window tinting films to house windows is no easy task, but with the right knowledge and skills, any determined DIY homeowner can get the job done correctly the first time. To start with, DIYers will need to choose the right product for the job. There are many different types of DIY home window tinting systems available on the market for the absolute novice to the most experienced house window tint installer. If you are going to do the job yourself, it is important that you choose a DIY tinting system you can apply without causing unsightly creases or crinkles. Choose a tinting product depending on your level of skill and experience. 

Professional window tinting 

If you decide to hire a professional to handle your window tint installation job, you should be ready to pay for their services. Thankfully, there are lots of benefits that come with opting for professional tint installation. Firstly, professionals will eliminate the guesswork associated with DIY tinting, meaning they will do the job correctly the first time. This will ensure you avoid the need to remove tint from your windows once installed. Secondly, they will choose a higher-grade tint for your house windows, thus your tinting will be of high-quality and will last for a long time. What's more, professional installers usually observe state tinting laws and will, therefore, ensure they select window tinting films that won't get you on the wrong side of the law. 

Generally speaking, DIY window tinting costs less than professional tint installation on house windows. This is because DIYers don't have to pay anyone to handle the job. However, hiring a professional definitely brings a lot of advantages to the table. 


5 March 2018

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When we moved into the house we had a really cute patio, but it was so small that if more than two people wanted to share a meal or sit together there wasn't room. That's why I have been extending the patio and working on ways to make it more hospitable for the whole family to spend time out there, such as getting the music system to connect to some speakers in the structure. This blog has some tips for homeowners who are looking to attempt a patio renovation or extension and has some tips on which jobs to DIY and when to call in the professionals.