Applications of concrete floors in schools

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Schools often experience a heavy amount of foot traffic on a regular basis. As hundreds of students walk back and forth from their classes, they tend to heavily use the floors and subject them to wear and tear. In addition, school children are not immune to spilling liquids and other items on the floors from time to time. Schools therefore need a durable, cost-effective and easy-to-maintain material for constructing their floors.

Luckily, commercial concreting contractors can install concrete floors that meet the demands of school children and the faculty/staff. Concrete floors are top choices for schools because they are easy to maintain, durable and flexible for multiple areas of the property. Here are several applications of concrete floors in schools.

School corridors

Corridors are excellent areas where polished concrete floors can be installed. They provide a clean and visually appealing look to the school as soon as one walks in. Corridors also experience very high foot traffic, and concrete floors are durable enough to withstand the constant walking, trampling, spills and drops that occur within these spaces.

Schools also experience significant cost savings by reflecting natural light. This means that there is a reduced need to keep the lights on along the corridors, and schools can save on electricity costs so they can redirect those resources for other activities. 


School gymnasiums also benefit from concrete flooring services. The flexible nature of concrete allows for school logos, designs and other markings to be imprinted on the concrete floor in order to demonstrate school pride.

Concrete also comes handy for sports such as basketball, volleyball and handball. Line markings can be easily drawn on concrete to prepare the surface for play by children. 

Laboratories and medical centres

School laboratories face the challenge of requiring durable and easy-to-maintain floors. Students often spill chemicals, drop glass supplies and stain flooring materials over time.

Concrete provides a dependable surface that is easy to maintain despite the heavy use. These floors can be polished and dyed to remove marks that were caused by laboratory elements.

Children's play areas

For schools that serve younger children, making the space more exciting and entertaining is a top concern. Concrete floors are among the easiest to stain and dye and can be decorated in many different ways.

Children's play areas can be imprinted with colourful designs, shapes and textures that will make them happy to come to school everyday.


5 March 2018

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