3 Ways To Utilise The Dual Key Addition On Your Custom Built Home

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Building a brand new home is an exciting prospect and one that also comes with many options for construction. Like many Australians, you may have decided to have your home custom built to ensure that it meets your lifestyle needs both now and in the future. Instead of simply building a single dwelling, many people are now choosing to create a dual key home.

Essentially, a dual key home is on that has a small addition as well as the main home. This differs from a duplex in that the main home is a large, multi-bedroom home, while the addition is generally a studio style or single bedroom dwelling. If you're considering a dual key home, then here are three ways you can use this additional dwelling.

1. As elderly parent accommodation

If you have an aging parent or parents, then a dual key dwelling is a great alternative to a more traditional granny flat. It provides spacious accommodation which allows your parent to maintain their independence while still being close by if they need you. This type of residence can be more appealing to an elderly parent because they'll have their own entryway, courtyard garden and often a garage for their vehicle.

2. As a long-term rental property

A dual key property appeals to many people because it provides an opportunity to gain a rental income from the new home. The regular income from renting out your addition as a long-term rental can offset a significant portion of your mortgage payments and may mean you can build a home with higher specifications than you could otherwise afford.

3. As a holiday rental

If you don't like the idea of having a permanent neighbour in such close proximity to your own home, then renting your dual key addition out as a holiday rental might be the ideal solution. This can be done through a local agent or via an online booking site such as Airbnb. If you live in a popular tourist area, you can make a good income from this, even if you only rent it out during holiday periods when prices are at the highest end of the scale.

Whichever use you decide to put your dual key addition to, getting the design right is vital. Your custom home builder can help you come up with a design that maximises space and privacy for both dwellings and also has the necessary soundproofing to make side-by-side living a tenable option. 


5 March 2018

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