How to plan your timber deliveries

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Arranging a timber delivery to your home is the easiest way to ensure that the wood you need will reach it's destination on time and in the best possible condition. Your supplier will be help you to find the perfect date so you can be sure you won't be left waiting around wondering what has happened to your expected delivery. What you will need to do is to give some thought to how the delivery will actually take place. The timber firm will be responsible for packing and bringing the timber to you, but you must ensure that the delivery can take place, and that you aren't going to be left with a large pile of timber or packing materials blocking the driveway or road after the delivery.

Where will the delivery take place?

Timber deliveries are generally made by large vehicles. Do you need your timber delivered off-road or somewhere with restricted access? If you have any concerns about vehicle access it is always a good idea to check the size of the delivery vehicle to ensure that it will be able to access the delivery location without difficulty. If you do find there is a problem then you will be able to talk to your supplier in advance to find out if a smaller vehicle can be used. If your delivery company will be using a crane to unload your timber then you must make sure that you have an unloading area that is free of overhead wires and other obstructions that could prevent the crane operating.

Who will be making the delivery?

Timber can be heavy and will usually require more than one person to successfully unload it. It is worthwhile checking with your supplier to find out if they make timber deliveries with a one or two person crew. If the delivery is being made with just a driver then you will need to have a at least one fit and able-bodied person available to assist with the unloading and to ensure the timber is properly stored on your site. If you don't have anyone who can do this then you may be able to negotiate a price for the delivery company to supply an additional crew member.

How will the timber be packed?

Depending on the nature of your timber delivery it could be delivered loose or it might be loaded on a pallet. Finding out how your timber will be delivered will help you to plan the most appropriate storage location for the timber.

Asking your timber supplier the right questions will help your timber deliveries to take place without incident so you can get on with your project without delay.


6 December 2017

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