Career in Metal Roofing—Three Ways Roofing Software Apps Can Help You Be the Best

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If you're considering a career as a metal roofing specialist, you probably know that this is a growing market being boosted by an increase in construction and a move towards sustainable materials. If you're serious about entering the field, you'll want to get as much work as you can and be at the top of your game. Using a roofing software app will allow you to work efficiently and quickly as well as make the job easier. This means you can fit in more clients and maximise your earning potential.

Read on for three ways a good roofing app could help you hit the ground running in your new career.

Give Accurate Quotes 

The days of paper and pen quotes are a thing of the past for metal roofing specialists in the know. Using a professional standard roofing app enables you to automate quotes and put in a more accurate bid in far less time. With this kind of software, you can set up a databank containing the cost of your labour and prices for the variety of materials you offer in the different roofing systems you supply. When material costs rise, you can update the prices with ease.

With this information, the app can tailor a quote for every job you bid for with a few easy steps. It's as simple as selecting materials and fixings, adding your labour and then producing a quote with the press of a button. This allows you to offer your clients assurance of accuracy, making your business more trustworthy.

Improve Your Ordering Process

With professional apps for roofers comes the ability to create direct orders using the data from the quote you've generated. This means that the calculations of materials needed and the order of materials are an automated process. This type of ordering reduces the chance of error and minimises waste. Printing and storing a quote and order sheet will help you to keep a better tally of expenses, making your yearly tax calculation less painful.

Ensure Efficient Installation

Roofing software apps have a lot of smart tools that allow you to maximise efficiency while installing metal roofs. You can use the software to create cutting lists for precise metal cuts of the roof and trim. A good program will also allow you to utilise off-cut material to limit waste, enabling you to offer competitive pricing and increase your profit. A roofing app can be used to export measurements of materials to machinery for fast and precise fabrication of panels. These panels are cut with minimal waste in shapes ready for installation. 


30 November 2017

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