When Is It Best to Repair or Replace CNC Machinery?


The introduction of computer numerical controlled (CNC) machinery has changed the way things are done in the industrial world for the better. This is because parts/products made using these machines are of superior quality, thanks to the greater level of accuracy and precision associated with deployment of the machinery. 

As expected, CNC machines do not come by cheaply. Hence, it is no surprise that many CNC machine users or operators are usually torn between repairing and replacing their malfunctioning machinery. While both options are viable, it is important to deliberate carefully before making a final decision. If you employ CNC machinery in your industrial operations, you should read on to get to know about when it makes good sense to repair or replace your machinery. 


CNC machines aren't any different from most other types of equipment that are utilised in the industrial world. They are made up of multiple components, which can wear and tear because of excessive use. Because this is anticipated, machine manufacturers usually provide a maintenance schedule that must be followed to the letter. The maintenance schedule often includes a checklist of things that have to be done so as to keep the machinery in top operating condition.

In most situations, CNC machine repairs are needed when scheduled maintenance has been delayed. If your machinery breaks down because you failed to perform maintenance service on time, it is most likely that you simply need to replace a missing or faulty component to get it up and running again. Generally speaking, repairs are required for CNC machines that have not yet outlived or exceeded their useful life. 


CNC machines are built strong to provide years and years of service. But if your CNC machinery is too old or seems to be breaking down a bit too often even when you perform maintenance service on time, it might be best to have it replaced. This is because you depend upon the machines to manufacture products for your business, and lost machine hours results in decreased profitability. If your machinery is costing you money in terms of high repair costs and increased downtime, replacing it may be the best financial decision you can make.

Sometimes, deciding whether you should repair or replace your CNC machinery is not that easy. In such situations, it is best to talk to an experienced CNC technician to help you choose the best course of action. 


16 May 2017

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