Key Considerations When Contemplating Tennis Court Construction

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If you are looking to make your yard more functional, tennis court construction would be a great option to consider. Whether you are a veteran player or are simply looking to exercise more, a tennis court would be a practical addition to your fitness regime. However, choosing to construct a tennis court is not merely about having the budget and space for it. Here are some of the other key considerations to bear in mind when considering the construction of a tennis court on your property.

Consider the type of surface you would want

The design of tennis courts has evolved over the years to present you with an assortment of surface types to choose. With the broad range of options that are available to you, you can be assured of finding a surface that would be suited to your budget as well as aesthetic preferences. Some of the different types of surface that you could select from include:

  • Porous tarmac surfaces

  • Artificial turf surfaces

  • Synthetic clay surfaces

  • Water-resistant acrylic surfaces

It should be noted that some surfaces would be harder than others are, which would also affect your personal playing style. For example, some tennis players would prefer a softer surface, which can be achieved by using artificial turf. On the other hand, some players may prefer a denser surface such as that prided by using artificial clay. Lastly, your choice of surface will also dictate the maintenance required to keep your tennis court looking pristine thus this should also be a factor to bear in mind.

Consider the fencing for the tennis court

A mistake some homeowners make is overlooking what type of fencing they will use for their court, only thinking about the options available to them once construction is complete. It is prudent to consider fencing in the initial planning phase so that you can allocate the appropriate budget for materials and labour. For example, if you would like your tennis court fence to complement your property, you may have to consider premium materials such as timber or masonry walls that seamlessly blend in with the outdoors.

Alternatively, if you would like affordable fencing, you could consider mesh or chain link fencing, which are more suited for functionality rather than aesthetic purposes. It should be noted that some other fencing features might have to be considered depending on your current landscape. For instance, if you live on a slope, retaining walls would be prudent to ensure that erosion does not occur once the tennis court construction is complete.


2 May 2017

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