Tips to Help You Prepare for Emergency Plumbing Services


The idea of having to call an emergency plumbing service has likely run across your mind, just as it has the minds of most homeowners. You know that you will likely need to do this at some point, but beyond that, you may not think about what goes into this type of service call. Before you find yourself in a panic, in knee deep water and chaos, consider these tips. They will help you to prepare for that inevitable call to an emergency plumber and for their service call.

Know Your Plumbing Situation

You may think that it is fairly commonplace for a homeowner to know their plumbing situation. The truth is when you are faced with the emergency plumber asking you several questions, that is when you find out you don't know what you may need to do in order to make the call go smoothly. The first step is to know a few things about your plumbing. For example, it helps to know what material the pipes are made of, how old the plumbing is in the affected area and when the last service call was done on that plumbing. You may also want to know how the plumbing is connected to other rooms in the home, the drainage and if it is on city water and sewer or a septic tank system. If you are calling the plumber to deal with an appliance related issue, you will also want to know the make and model of that appliance as well.

Know Where and How to Use Your Water Main

Another common misconception among homeowners and their plumbing deals directly with their water main. You may know where the shut off valve is, but you may not know how to turn it off effectively and stop the flow of water to your home. You may also have an issue where you cannot access the water main if it is outside. For example, it may be grown over or it may be in a location that is currently unable to be reached due to landscaping projects or other issues. Make sure that you not only know where it is located but also how to use it and that it is always accessible. One of the first questions your emergency plumber will ask is either where it is or if you have turned it off yet.

Drying Out the Area

If the area is flooded, and you have turned off the water at the water main, try to remove and dry out as much of the area as possible before the emergency plumber arrives on the scene. This will help them access the area better and will cut down the time it takes for the plumber to get to the issue, work with that issue and determine how best to treat and fix the issue. If they have to stop to remove water from the area, this could take several minutes to several hours, all of which you are paying for in labour fees.

By keeping these three tips in mind, you can be better prepared for the emergency plumber and more at ease with the service call. It will also help on cutting own chaotic confusion and communication issues that arise at times of emergency.


24 March 2017

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