Aluminium Scaffolding: 3 Benefits

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Aluminium scaffolding structures are frequently used in the construction industry. Scaffolding is used for to create work platforms for a range of purposes such as carrying out repairs, cleaning windows and guttering and installing windows and roofs. Below is a guide to 3 benefits of using scaffolding.

Increased safety

A major benefit of using an aluminium scaffold structures when working on a site is the increased safety that they provide. When working at height, contractors can be placed at significant risk so you should not take safety for granted. Scaffolding provides a robust and level area on which contractors can carry out tasks and store their equipment and tools while working at height, which reduces the risk of falls and other accidents.

Improved positioning

Aluminium scaffolding can allow contractors to achieve much better positioning when carrying out work at height. While a ladder can provide reach which will allow contractors to carry out their tasks, they do not offer the same level of positioning as a contractor. A contractor will generally need to keep one hand on the ladder which can reduce their ability to hold equipment or to install components. Because ladders reduce mobility, the contractor may be tempted to try and balance while they lean out which can place them at considerable risk. The large and level space created by scaffolding will eliminate these problems by enabling the contractor to move around freely and place themselves in the best possible position to complete the work. Scaffolding can also hold many workers, whereas a ladder can only hold one.

Greater access

When scaffolding is used on a construction site, it can allow a contractor to access areas which would be unreachable by any other means. For example, if you need to carry out work on a building which is greater than two or three stories in height, they will struggle to reach the area using conventional ladders. Building a scaffold tower can allow a contractor to reach the areas they need to work on easily. Although erecting scaffolding can take some time, once it is installed it offers sustainable and quick access to the work area as you will not need to position and make safe multiple ladders or cherry picking equipment.

If you would like to know more about the benefits of using aluminium scaffolding or you are interested in hiring scaffolding for your worksite, you should contact a professional scaffolding contractor today.


22 March 2017

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