Security Alarms: Top Features to Include In Your System

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For some people who may have never bought a security alarm, they may be conjuring up images of the analogue versions that would emanate loud shrieks when their property is breached. The reality is that security systems have come a long way from these types of systems. With technological advancements, there is a host of features that you could opt for that would enhance your safety as well as the convenience of owning a security alarm system. Below are just a couple of the top features that you should consider when you are contemplating the purchase of a new security alarm system.

Remote access

One of the major features that you should have in your new security alarm system is being able to control it no matter where you are. With older security alarms, the only way that you could interact with your security alarm system would be by standing right in front of it and pressing an array of buttons to either activate or deactivate it. With remote access, your alarm system can be controlled from any internet-enabled device such as your tablet, smartphone, laptop and more.

As a matter of fact, new age security alarm systems can be incorporated as part of your smart home. This makes it all the more convenient for homeowners who highly depend on technology in the running of their household. Other features that could be included with your remote access include the ability to switch lights on and off, receive a live feed from your security cameras and additional capabilities.

Wireless connectivity

A second major feature to look for when considering an alarm system is wireless connectivity. One of the drawbacks of older security alarm systems is that they came with an extensive barrage of wiring. Not only was this wiring required to keep the security alarm system running but also they were prudent if you were connecting additional accessories to the system such as security cameras. With the new age alarm systems, you could choose to go completely wireless.

The alarm system could be operated with rechargeable batteries and peripheral accessories could be connected through Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi connectivity and more. This wireless connectivity makes it harder for potential intruders to compromise your premises without your knowledge, as there will not be any wires to cut. Moreover, in the event of a power outage, battery operated alarm systems will stay up and running, hence ensuring that you still have the capability to monitor your premises.


21 March 2017

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