Top Benefits of Cellulose Insulation

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If you are looking for insulation material for your home, cellulose insulation is a popular option you should consider trying. Made from recycled paper, cellulose insulation is among the most sought after insulation types because of the range of benefits it offers homeowners. By investing in cellulose insulation, here are 3 major ways you stand to gain.

Higher Thermal Performance

Thermal performance is usually a top priority for many homeowners looking for insulation materials for their homes. Cellulose insulation has a relatively higher thermal performance compared to its counterparts such as fibreglass. Its thermal effectiveness is attributed to its raw materials. The papers or natural fibres used to manufacture the insulation material have better insulation properties because they are poor heat conductors.

Cellulose insulation also has higher R-values. These values measure the effectiveness and efficiency of the insulation. Insulation materials such as fibreglass tend to lose some of their initial R-values, especially when exposed to extreme cold temperatures. Cellulose insulation retains much of its R-value throughout its service life.

Unlike other forms of insulation such as fibreglass batts, cellulose insulation easily fits around tight spaces and oddly shaped fixtures and pipes. This is because it is typically installed as loose-fill. What this means in terms of thermal performance is that no voids or gaps that could affect the efficiency of the insulation are left. Absence of gaps and voids will also enhance the sound insulation properties of your cellulose insulation material.

Mould and Pest Control

Pests and mould can lead to health issues in your home. During manufacture, cellulose insulation often undergoes a borate treatment. This treatment offers superior control against mould. It also acts as a repellent against pests and insects, which helps keep bugs at bay. The borates used in the treatment also enhance the fire safety rating of cellulose insulation. While this does not mean your insulation won't catch fire, it may help reduce the rate at which a fire would spread, allowing you to easily put it out before any serious damages occur.

Ease of Installation

The ability to fit cellulose insulation in tight spaces comes with another advantage besides thermal efficiency: ease of installation. Installing fibreglass batts around light or plumbing fixtures in your attic, for instance, can be quite demanding. With cellulose insulation, you can even do it yourself if you follow the required procedures. The ease of installation will save you time as well as money.


15 March 2017

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