Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Skip Bin for a Family Party


Family parties are some of the best moments for any family out there. This is especially true for families where siblings and parents only get to see each other every so often. However, for reunions to be fun, preparations have to be made well in advance, including hiring of skip bins. If you want the after-party cleanup process to be as smooth as possible, then you need to know a few things about hiring skip bins. This article provides you with several considerations in the use of skip bins during family events like reunions.

Weight Restrictions -- Substantial amounts of waste can be generated after family events, especially if the families are large. Therefore, when hiring skip bins from a garbage management firm, make sure that you have an estimate of the weight of your garbage. Skip bins that are too small, for instance, will be damaged due to overloading. Additionally, several trips will be required to finish the trash collection process. On the other hand, hiring a large skip bin unnecessarily will not give you value for money. Therefore, depending on the number of expected guests, choose a skip bin that will handle the expected weight of waste.

Type of Waste -- There will likely be different types of waste spread all over your compound after a reunion party. However, different waste is handled using different types of skip bins, and service providers usually make this clarification to clients. For instance, most companies prohibit the disposal of oils, paint, and even leftovers in their skip bins. Prohibiting such items is meant to prevent possible damage to the bins. On the other hand, wastes such as wood, papers, plastics, and soil can be disposed of in different types of bins. Therefore, you need to make provisions for different skip bins before your party.

Filling Technique -- There is a proper way of filling bins, which you should strive to adopt. Simply picking garbage and throwing it into the bin will not work in your favor. Ideally, you want to first place heavier waste at the bottom of the bin followed by lighter waste. This kind of a waste disposal technique allows weight to be distributed evenly. For example, in the case of a family party, glass bottles might be the heaviest of the lot; hence, they should go in first. Papers, cardboard and plastics can be laid in last respectively.  


15 March 2017

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