Maintenance: How Timber Rafters And Timber Trusses Compare

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Rafters and trusses are the two main timber roofing options available all around. These two options have been pitted against each other and have been compared on different aspects such as design, installation, and more. However, one aspect regarding the two roofing options that remains largely unexplored is maintenance. As you can imagine, roofing maintenance is to be expected at one point down the line. Below, see how the two options compare on this.

Risk of frame damage First off, which of the two roofing methods holds a greater risk of succumbing to damage, be it from an accidental impact, human error, or storm damage? The answer is timber rafters. Timber roofing rafters are usually made of smaller frames as compared to those used to manufacture timber trusses. Timber trusses are made of bulkier frames that can withstand larger forces before breaking. 

Cost of maintenance Cost is a crucial factor when it comes to maintenance, especially roofing maintenance. If you have to repair or replace either rafters or trusses, the latter would end up costing you more per unit. That's because trusses are larger and cost more per unit compared to rafters. In addition to that, rafters are cheaper to install because one or two roofers can install new rafters with ease. However, with trusses, more labourers and a crane would be needed to get the job done. So the installation costs are high as well. However, as mentioned earlier, the chances of a truss getting damaged are much lower compared to those of the alternative.

Ease of maintenance work Costs aside, how easy would it be to repair either roofing frames? Here, timber roofing trusses win again. They are easier to repair during a maintenance exercise due to a number of reasons. For one, you can order or buy ready-made trusses, which will then be delivered onsite and installed right away. This saves time and eliminates lack of labour as a potential problem. Two, trusses are installed using cranes so installation takes a very short time. You can expect to complete the maintenance work by the same day. With rafters, the timber pieces have to be prepared on site and then installed one by one. This makes the job a little more complicated.

Your roofing contractor or architect can further advise you on how the two roofing methods compare. But as you can see from above, timber roofing trusses have an edge over their competitor and that explains their more pronounced use in the market.


9 November 2016

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