A General Summary of the Subdivision Approval Process

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Land surveyors are the undisputed experts when it comes to handling subdivision projects. If you want to subdivide your land, they will be happy to assist you. If you would like to gain an understanding of what the subdivision process entails before hiring a surveyor, here is a general summary for your benefit.


The first step in the subdivision process is to prepare plans indicating how you intend to divide your property. At this stage, you should keep in mind that there are municipal or local council policies and regulations governing land use. Many of these policies and regulations can be complex to understand, especially for a lay man. Therefore, you may need someone who is well-versed with them to ensure your proposals are compliant.

A land surveyor will help you make proposals that comply with local zoning by-laws, neighbourhood concept plans, the official community plans as well as the concept plan for your specific area. This will ensure your proposals are well-prepared for application.

Submission of application

Once your proposal is ready, it will be submitted to the local council together with a duly filled subdivision application form. You will need to pay any applicable fees when making your application.

Review of application

Your local council will appoint individuals to independently review your application and decide whether to approve or reject your subdivision.

The appointed persons' opinion will be based upon whether or not they are convinced that your proposal subdivision application conforms to local policies and bylaws. They will also examine if the final product is in the interest of the general public.

Preliminary approval

If everything included in your proposal seems to be in order, and your subdivision is acceptable, the approving officials will send you a latter specifying what standards and conditions must be fulfilled before final approval is granted. Some common requirements include restrictive covenants and easements, payment of financial contribution, the provision of roads, certificate of non-encroachment, tree removal permits, etc.

Final approval

Once all conditions have been met and the required documentation is available, your surveyor will prepare and submit a final survey plan to the approving parties. Upon ascertaining that your proposal is compliant, approval will be granted.

If you have any enquiries regarding your subdivision, feel free to discuss them with your land surveyor. An experienced land surveyor can address most of the concerns you might have with your subdivision.


8 November 2016

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